Greater Hickory Classic 2014 Betting Tips

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Written By Graeme on October 15, 2014  

Betting Note: Betting amounts are based on confidence level. My normal betting amounts are $125, $250 & $500, although I will go as low as $62.50 and as high as $1,000 on occasion. My most common bet is $125 and if you classify that as 1 unit, then I have made a 667.93 unit profit from 2014-2020. (full stats)

E/W (Each-Way) bets means you split that amount. So if it is a $250 E/W bet, that means $125 on them to win, $125 on them to place (Usually in the Top 5).

Hot off our big win last week with the SAS Championship and Kirk Triplett, this week we have the Greater Hickory Classic.

The full name of the tournament is the Greater Hickory Kia Classic at Rock Barn – but we’ll refer to it as the Greater Hickory Classic because that’s a lot of words to type. It takes place in North Carolina, at the Rock Barn Golf & Spa. So after a hard days golfing, our seniors can go get a massage or whatever they want.

Part of the Champions Tour since 2003 when Craig Stadler won the inagural one, R.W. Eaks is the only 2 time winner. Last year Michael Allen took it down in a playoff against Olin Browne. The year prior, Fred Funk was the winner and then on 2011 there was another playoff, with Mark Wiebe beating James Mason.

It’s a tight course and there’s a very strong possibility we’ll end up with a playoff again – although the bookies don’t think so, with Kenny Perry a massive favourite. Let’s check the odds.

Greater Hickory Classic 2014 Betting Odds:

  1. Kenny Perry: 9/2
  2. Colin Montgomerie: 7/1
  3. Paul Goydos: 14/1
  4. Kirk Triplett: 14/1
  5. Jay Haas: 18/1
  6. Scott Dunlap: 18/1
  7. Fred Funk: 18/1
  8. Jeff Maggert: 22/1
  9. David Frost: 22/1
  10. Kevin Sutherland: 25/1

Should be a good tournament. YOu can check odds for the many, many other golfers at Bovada for Americans.

Winner #1: Kirk Triplett

Last weeks winner – and we’re going to back him to do something rare and win back to back tournaments.

At 14/1 we just can’t resist. He’s been playing some solid golf and last week he got on a role. Round 2 last week where he shot a 63 was just beautiful. Even without that he would have ended up in the Top 5 with a more average score.

We just have to back Triplett here as one of our winners at that price.

Bet: Triplett E/W, 14/1 at Bovada for Americans.

Winner #2: Fred Funk

Although he played poor here last year, Funk won this event in 2012. Historically he has good results, tied for 3rd and 1 off the leaders in 2011, and tied for 9th in 2010.

Funk is having a solid year too. He’s already won 1 tournament – the Big Cedar Lodge Legends of Golf – and has 3 top 10 finishes in a row.

Back Funk E/W here.

Bet: Fred Funk E/W 18/1 at Bovada for Americans.

That’s our two tips for the Greater Hickory Classic. Sadly Bernhard Langer is not playing as he would probably be a shoe-in here. We’re fans of Colin Montgomerie but just don’t like him at that price.


Holy crap do we ever love Kirk Triplett. He gets us a SECOND cash in the space of a week with a hot 2nd placed finish. He was also 2 off the leader Jay Haas and shot very steady with a 66 in each round. Gotta love him.

It wasn’t a big cash or anything – but hey, money is money.


Thank you yet again Mr. Triplett. May have to blindly bet you the next little while sir.

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