Shriners Open 2016 Betting Tips

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Written By Graeme on November 1, 2016  

Betting Note: Betting amounts are based on confidence level. My normal betting amounts are $125, $250 & $500, although I will go as low as $62.50 and as high as $1,000 on occasion. My most common bet is $125 and if you classify that as 1 unit, then I have made a 667.93 unit profit from 2014-2020. (full stats)

E/W (Each-Way) bets means you split that amount. So if it is a $250 E/W bet, that means $125 on them to win, $125 on them to place (Usually in the Top 5).

It was another nice winning week in the golf as I nailed it with my Rory pick.

Often we go with “To win & E/W” here for less odds if they don’t win – but this time I said no to that. Instead I said that in the WGC HSBC Champions, Rory McIlroy would get in a Top 5 place but NOT win it.

And I was correct as Rory did exactly that, and at 1/1 odds got us the nice cash for profit.

Pretty happy that I called that one exactly. Felt bloody good I must say. Even though the payout wasn’t huge it was good to know I was on track with that and hopefully you guys jumped on it as well and got the win.

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Alright on with this weeks tips:

Shriners Open Betting Tips:

Nick Watney returned from his nasty back injury early and had a respectable 35th place finish at the Safeway Open. It’s way too early to say how his back holds up and how his form is – but at 80/1 I’m up for giving him a chance. I’m betting a quarter unit on Watney to win and E/W. He has performed exremely well here in the past and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a similar finish.

Call me crazy but I’m betting a quarter unit on Smylie Kaufman to repeat. There was just something magical about the way he performed on this course last year and I’m going to back him here.

One of the most in-form golfers at the moment who is playing here is Ryo Ishikawa and while he’s probably outclassed he has performed well at this course once in the past with 2nd place finish and he’s also worth a quarter unit bet. I got on him this morning at 70/1 and he’s already dropped to 50/1 so clearly some people believe the same as me. I still see value at 50/1 though.

Finally a small quarte runit bet on Martin Laird to win and E/W. A previous winner it’s been a tough course for him in recent years but I was pleasantly surprised by his performance at the Safeway Open and think he’s coming in with some confidence.

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