WGC Mexico / Puerto Rico 2020 Tips

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Written By Graeme on February 19, 2020  

Betting Note: Betting amounts are based on confidence level. My normal betting amounts are $125, $250 & $500, although I will go as low as $62.50 and as high as $1,000 on occasion. My most common bet is $125 and if you classify that as 1 unit, then I have made a 667.93 unit profit from 2014-2020. (full stats)

E/W (Each-Way) bets means you split that amount. So if it is a $250 E/W bet, that means $125 on them to win, $125 on them to place (Usually in the Top 5).

Well alas the Genesis Invitational was a complete dud for the betting tips.

I don’t regret that Bubba Watson bet at all however. It was something I had to do. I was saying for a few weeks he looked like he was going to win something, and this was the perfect tournament to do so. Alas he didn’t even make the cut. Oh well.

Honestly it was the other guys that really disappointed me. Finau just couldn’t get going. Cantlay started well and ended well but couldn’t get it going in the middle. Guys like Garcia and Leishman just generally played average.

I guess it was more the weather than anything. We haven’t seen that course like that before. It was dry and windy and the greens were not holding shots at all. I do try and factor weather in but I may have to look at it a bit more.

Oh well. Honestly I’m just more disappointed that we didn’t have anything to cheer for on the Sunday. Like I always say that’s generally what I aim for – even if we don’t win, as long as I have something in contention on the final round I’m happy. That wasn’t the case.

Let’s look at this week:

WGC Mexico 2020 Betting Tips:

We have three years of course data for this one which is nice.

I’m so tempted by Rory here. What’s putting me off is the short odds of 6/1, and DJ. DJ doesn’t show up in the metrics but he is still playing good it seems, and has dominated this course before. Rahm and JT are also very solid contenders. Got to look further down the card. However with the top 4 looking so good at this one, we’ll approach with caution this week.

Webb Simpson: 18/1. 1/8u to win & E/W. Current form and him standing out on the metrics makes this a bet. My concern is he has never performed too well here plus the odds. This is one of those bets where due to the metrics I feel obligated to have at least something on it but I don’t know if it’s really worth it.

Actually I hate to say it, but after looking through everything I am just not confident in betting anyone else. Like I said – I think the top 4 guys odds wise here are all serious contenders. Anyone else who pops up for me like DeChambeau – looking at the odds I just don’t see it being worth it.

Puerto Rico Open 2020 Betting Tips:

A weird one where looking at what a lot of other people are thinking, I don’t see it. Tyler McCumber I have seen recommended at a lot of places for example.

Anyway just a couple of small bets this week based on my metrics here – all of these are 1/8u to win & E/W.

Matthew Nesmith 30/1
David Hearn: 66/1

Actually that’s the only ones I’ve got. Other possibilities were:

– Percy
– Norlander
– Lingmerth
– Gomez
– Grillo

But while they stood out on the metrics, the current/course form put me off.

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